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BBC News: Business safety staffing issues

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A plastics supplier, who asked not be named, said demand was about five times higher than usual.

He said: “The bigger factories have got their own issues with regard to people who are self-isolating or recovering. It stands to reason they can’t just immediately double or quadruple their output. It’s like steering a tanker, it takes a long time for them to change direction.

“Also every shop, business, train or bus is going to need this material so there’s a huge spike in demand in a short period of time.”

He added: “Demand is about five or six times higher than usual and it’ll grow as more and more businesses get their plans in place for people coming back and shops reopening.”

A spokesman for the British Plastics Federation said: “Some companies are reporting it is harder to get hold of these materials and the time it takes to receive deliveries has increased. 

“The BPF will continue to monitor this complex situation as best we can to advise the government about the supply of these and other essential plastic products.”