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Premises Outdoor Furniture Grant

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Have you applied for your grant yet? To assist restaurants, bars and caf├ęs to re-open safely and serve food outside, councils are offering small grants for outdoor furniture.

The following items will be considered:

  • tables
  • chairs
  • umbrellas/parasols
  • awnings
  • canopies
  • igloo bubbles
  • outdoor heating
  • barriers / planters
  • litter bins
  • servery facilities

Read more about the Swansea Grant HERE or contact your local council

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BBC News: Business safety staffing issues

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A plastics supplier, who asked not be named, said demand was about five times higher than usual.

He said: “The bigger factories have got their own issues with regard to people who are self-isolating or recovering. It stands to reason they can’t just immediately double or quadruple their output. It’s like steering a tanker, it takes a long time for them to change direction.

“Also every shop, business, train or bus is going to need this material so there’s a huge spike in demand in a short period of time.”

He added: “Demand is about five or six times higher than usual and it’ll grow as more and more businesses get their plans in place for people coming back and shops reopening.”

A spokesman for the British Plastics Federation said: “Some companies are reporting it is harder to get hold of these materials and the time it takes to receive deliveries has increased. 

“The BPF will continue to monitor this complex situation as best we can to advise the government about the supply of these and other essential plastic products.”

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BBC News: Firms warn of shop-screen plastic shortage

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There is a shortage of the plastic sheets used to make clear screens that employers have been advised to install for workplace safety, the BBC has learned.

Supermarkets have already fitted screens at checkouts.

Government guidance published on Monday advised other workplaces, from labs to factories, to take a similar approach.

But a spike in demand has led to shortages of some types of plastic sheets.

Read more: HERE

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Staying at home and away from others guidance

Staying at home

You should only be outside of your home for very limited reasons, referred to in the Regulations as a reasonable excuse, which include:

  • the need to obtain supplies and services for you or your household, for example food, medicine, and essential household maintenance, we encourage everyone to make this as infrequently as possible
  • exercise, for example a run, walk, or cycle – alone or with members of your household (or a carer). This must be done locally. Please see the guidance on exercise for more information
  • to visit your GP or local health services, including the dentist
  • to  deposit and withdraw money from a bank or similar establishment
  • to provide care for or to help a vulnerable person, this includes getting food or medicines for them
  • help the NHS by donating blood
  • to avoid injury or illness
  • travelling to and from work, but only where it is not reasonably practicable to work from home
  • visit a cemetery, burial ground or garden of remembrance to pay your respects
  • to attend a funeral if you are invited by the person organising the funeral, or are the carer of a person attending the funeral, although this is subject to limits on numbers who can attend, in order to ensure that 2-metre distancing can be kept
  • making use of a recycling or waste disposal facility, or visiting a library, garden centre or plant nurseries

You should try to minimise time spent outside of the home and ensure you are 2 metres apart from anyone outside of your household.

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PM announces ‘Covid-secure’ inspections for businesses

Employers “will not be allowed to get away with” forcing workers into unsafe conditions, UK PM says.

Businesses reopening under current lockdown restrictions will be subject to inspections to check they are keeping workers safe.

In the daily press briefing, Boris Johnson said workplaces must be “Covid-secure” and that employers will not be allowed to “get away with” forcing staff to work in unsafe conditions.

It comes after the UK government announced its roadmap out of lockdown with a slight change in restrictions from Wednesday.

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