OE7211/R Clam griddle 8.6 kW


OE7211/R Opus 700 Clam griddle


Opus 700
Ribbed Upper Plate

Height: 544
Width: 400
Depth: 737
Weight: 73

Power: 8.6 kW

* Precise thermostatic temperature control for consistent results and economical operation * Independently controlled cooking zones for greater flexibility and economy during quieter periods * Digital timer on each clam plate ensures repeatable results * Large fat collection drawer means uninterrupted cooking * Wide fat drainage hole for ease of operation and cleaning * PTFE non-stick sheets on each clam plate * 15mm stainless steel griddle plate for easy cleaning * 12mm hard anodised aluminium clam plate provides even heat distribution * Clam top automatically adjusts to suit the thickness of the food being cooked * Models with ribbed clam plates give food an attractive branded appearance
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