P8B4 800 Series Hot Cupboard – Bain Marie Top 4.9


P8B4 Panther 800 Series Hot Cupboard – Bain Marie Top



Height: 900
Width: 1450
Depth: 800
Weight: 125

Power: 4.9

* Choice of static and mobile verions * Units available to take 4 x 1/1 GN containers up to 150mm deep * Fully 1/1 GN compatible hot cupboard for operational efficiency * Fan assisted hot cupboard provides even heat distribution, fast heat up and recovery times, and lower energy usage * Supplied with two heavy duty multi-section chrome plated rod shelves capable of taking the heaviest loads * Four shelf positions allow adjustment to meet individual needs * Accurate digital electronic control of the hot cupboard temperature, adjustable between 20 and 99 degrees C, ensures compliance with food hygiene regulations * Thermostatically controlled bain marie top can be operated with wet or dry heat * Upturned rim of bain marie well allows easy removal of gastronorm containers * Drain tap located inside the hot cupboard allows fast and easy draining * Easy to clean flat bottom tank of bain marie section * Double skinned construction provides efficient heat retention and a cool to touch exterior – safe and energy efficient * Removable doors and shelves allow access to the fully stainless steel interior for easy cleaning * Easy-fit robust push bar supplied with mobile units can be fitted to either end of the hot cupboard * Streamline design allows units to be suited together and sit flush against walls * Multi-panel base construction provides extra rigidity
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